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Mega Dragonite by AlouNea on DeviantArt

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Fusions fusions fusions ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Revised and cleaned up some of my older unfinished designs! Design leftovers and notes and whatever under the cut :> [[MORE]] Serpilotic’s entire top half got an...


leafie-draws: “ a dark type Scolipede ☠️🖤 warm up doodle~ ”

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“Ghost fusions”

Decidueye and Rowlet | Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Meliiow on Instagram: “Galaxion(Fr) (dragon/fairy) Dracosmos(Fr) (dragon/fairy) you can catch them in the @foreteternellefangame wings made with cosmog's colors.…”

1,101 Likes, 18 Comments - Meliiow (@meliiow_fakemon) on Instagram: “Galaxion(Fr) (dragon/fairy) Dracosmos(Fr) (dragon/fairy) you can catch them in the…”

075 Emperosa by DaybreakM on DeviantArt

Emperosa Rose Blossom Pokémon Type : Fairy/Grass Ability : Flower Veil//Leaf Guard Hidden Ability : Aroma Veil Height : 1,8 m Weight : 53,7 kg Base... 075 Emperosa

Amaura Mienshao Braixen Hex by Slugbox on DeviantArt

Woah wtf Amaura Mienshao Braixen Hex

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Welcome to my sanctuary. Previously: abamosnow ; lu-carios Active Since 2/15/2013 FC: 1134 - 7618 - 0319 message me if you add me Track Tag: dedennes (no spaces nor dash)

Land of Ink and Charcoal

Aaand I think I’m gonna have to call it there on the color palettes, guys! There are still hours left in the day, but I’m feeling really burned out on drawing right now, and I want to get other stuff...

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sloppy stellar cannibalism

POKEDEXXY DAY THREE: [ DRAGON-TYPE ] Noivern is my Dragon-type Pokemon of choice for a variety of reasons. Everything from its design to its movepool screams sheer awesomeness. Noivern is basically...