Free knitting pattern - Baby Panda Hat for the Big Knit with @simone en voiture Ducrocq Soren drinks

Ravelry: Free Pattern Innocent Panda Hat designed by Sarah Kim for Patterns by McAree Brothers

Knitted octopus bottle warmers from Innocent Smoothies

Hello, we make lovely natural fruit drinks like pure fruit smoothies and fresh yoghurt thickies.

Innocent Smoothies Big Knit Hat Patterns Jellyfish

The Big Knit Challenge for Innocent Smoothies

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innocent hat

Ladybird smoothie hat, free knitting pattern for Innocent big knit campaign

Free knitting pattern for tiny pineapple on Ravelry. Big Knits Charity of Innocent Smoothies

Worldwide Knitting in Public Day, Sat June, marks the official woolly launch of this year’s innocent Big Knit and we need your help.