Shoes of Prey is one of many companies allowing customers to created customized premium products.

Is Mass Customization the Future of Retail?

design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey- custom, online design program and then your unique shoes arrive a few weeks later!

Mass Customize

mass-customized voronoi grid system

Child's Play: The Rise of Generation Z

America is becoming an increasingly fragmented and complex place, making it difficult to draw concrete takeaways about the next generation - Generation Z.

MAss Customize

mass-customized voronoi grid system

Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore

Generation Z - Lots of information, links and infographics about this Generation.

Often referred to as a “population tsunami,” Generation Z makes up more than a quarter of the population in America! Via research by marketing firm Sparks & Honey

Marketers: Meet Generation Z

Marketers: Meet Generation Z

Everything you need to know about the post-Millennial generation.