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Our beach resorts in Mahabalipuram and restaurant in Mahabalipuram are one of the most renowned heritage hotels in India. We offer luxury surroundings and modern infrastructure in our furnished rooms at an affordable price. CALL US TODAY on +9144 – 27442060 (or) +9144 - 27442260 or visit our website:

Hotel Mamallaa Heritage
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10 Things Should Keep in Mind When Booking a Hotel

Booking a hotel is one of the tedious jobs when it comes to taking your family on vacation. We are here with ten things that everyone should keep in mind when booking a hotel. Which will help to en…

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5 Ways to Make Sure You are Booking the Right Hotel in ECR

In the last few decades, Indian tourism has seen a massive rise in its industry. And that’s obvious, as India is filled with tourist destinations throughout its mainland as well as the islands on b…

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Top 7 Reasons to Visit Hotel Mamalla Heritage at ECR, Chennai

East Coast Region or the ECR part of India is something of which every countryman can feel proud of. Not only the climate is a soothing one but the locale and environment of the region is such that…

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Going on a vacation or tour is something that can make your day. These days, people face a lot of stresses and tensions in their day to day life. In order to get out of those things, they can go fo…

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Why Do People Love to Visit Beach Resorts at Mahabalipuram?

Beach resorts are the perfect getaway destinations for a vacation away from the stressful monotonous life. Beach resorts have become the place to be to thoroughly enjoy your holiday in the sun with…

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Tourism is one of the largest developing sections of the service providing industry. One important outcome of this section is the customer’s satisfaction. Customer’s point of satisfaction or dissat…

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Why ECR Hotel Managers are Investing in Modern Technologies?

With modern technologies and innovations in the hotel industry, many managers prefer hi-tech solutions for many hotel appliances which are helping in reducing various redundant costs. Mobile applic…

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Are ECR Hotels Ready for Voice Technology?

In the past three decades, the travel and tourism industry has peaked more than anybody would’ve ever anticipated. And this growth is directly proportional to the growth of the hospitality in…

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5 Reasons Why Should You Spend Your Next Vacation at ECR Hotels?

While you were busy maintaining a summer body, did you forget to plan a perfect vacation for showing off summer body and beating the summer heat in particular? We’ve some great ideas for you. ECR (…

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What Will Be the Guest Expectations in ECR Hotels?

Holidaying in or around ECR can be a memorable experience if you find ideal accommodation option in one of the best ECR hotels. With growing popularity of this region among tourists, more and more …

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Top 4 Reasons Why Hotel Mamalla Heritage Stole the People Hearts

When it comes to vocational spots in India, there are myriads of options available to roam around. Being a big country, here tour enthusiasts can find all types of tourists’ spots in which Mahabali…

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Why Resorts in ECR are the Best Place for Corporate Team Outings?

The Lion has to run faster than the Deer or vice versa in order to survive is the golden saying in the modern Corporate world. Targets, Performances are the talk of the Corporates across the globe.…

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Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Stay in ECR Resorts

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Things You Need to Know about ECR Resorts before Choosing the Best One

Looking for the best ECR resorts for your next vacations? If yes, you are here at the right place. For your family and kids, we are here to guide you about the ECR resorts that can really help you …