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Combining a meticulous obsession with minutiae acid hues and bold repetition Dutch designer @michielschuurman creates illustrations that boggle the mind. See some of his work over on the site. by itsnicethat

All images via @mirkosata Milan-based tattoo artist Mirko Sata focuses on serpentine designs, snakes that twist around his clients’ arms, hands, and legs. The snakes he creates are typically done in

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The Unseen studio’s research and experiments in textiles are the backbone of their couture. By pursuing innovation in the materials used in their projects, as well as design, they are able to realize some of the most unique pieces in high fashion.

Sruli: black and white acrylic resin with fool’s gold and peacock ore specimens, fused in a process akin to fossilisation and hand sculpted by jewellery artist JADE MELLOR-UK