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Free downloadable Roman centurion paper helmet craft. Color an image of a centurion’s helmet. Cut out the pieces and assemble. While visiting the city of Capernaum, Jesus receives a message from a centurion that his servant is sick. While en route, our Lord receives another message from the centurion that is recited at each and every Mass.

How to Make Roman Mosaics for Kids

love this simple but creative paper craft. It allows room for each child to be creative in their own way and the final product is pretty cool looking!!

Teacher's Pet - Dress the Roman soldier (colour) - Premium Printable Game / Activity - EYFS, KS1, KS2, ancient, rome, roman, britain, empire...

Invaders and Settlers: Romans

Discover what happened when the Romans invaded, settled and finally left Britain with this History KS2 series of fun and fascinating lessons for Year 3 and 4.

Follow these instructions to make a simple bread roll, similar to the type that Ancient Roman bakers and soldiers would have made.