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Pigging out (quite literally!)

Piglet eating icecream - can the pigs on your farm eat ice cream? b/c this is Soooooo cute.and I thought you could use the smile :)

aweee. @geemarge fulkerson fulkerson

Weimaraner sleeping with a toy Croc,. sleeps under the covers too.with paws out over the blanket. I love this, weimaraners are the best dogs, i love Jenny

lol so cute

two little huskies and i guess the other husky said i am 2 fat ;c so the other husky cheers it up saying your not fat youre just a little husky

keeping his eye on the prize!!

I saw this on the cover of Yahoo! So Funny! Underwater Dogs is a collection of portraits shot by award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel. (Photos by Seth Casteel)

How funny!

I am a penguin cat or a cat penguin or a pen catguin! I don't mind whatever you call me!

Oh Dog...

The pillow popped . This was so our Lily. When the pillow "popped", she looked like Max from the Grinch. This pin brought such a smile to my face!