Phantom Phoebe

Phantom Phoebe
Hell / A tumblr user who has to use Pinterest as tumblr is filtered at school/work.
Phantom Phoebe
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Evensong | Julie Cockburn |  2015

Julie Cockburn: Evensong, 2015 The colors provide an immediate contrast to the sepia background, and offers a mixed media piece. Despite the color being a distraction to the main image background, it creates movement from right to left

Alana Bloom by on @DeviantArt

This is my first try at a low poly portrait, I can see some mistakes and things that don't flow well, but, it was my first try The image isn't mine I ju.

Otter-themed Altoid tin I made for my nephew.

Otter-themed Altoid tin I made for my nephew. (I think it would be cool to make a beach scene with gel as the water with seashells in the gel.