Credit: Lee Friedlander, courtesy Frankel Gallery, San Francisco New York City, 2002  Sometimes the lines, angles and reflections can be perplexing, in this case reflecting the chaos of the city

Lee Friedlander: America By Car - in pictures

Lee Friedlander // the best photoman ever

lee friedlander: american photographer friedlander made a series of tv set photos in the early - crazy box

Lee Friedlander: Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander: America By Car - in pictures

Death Valley, America by Car … 2008 … by Lee Friedlander …The frame of the car window provides a constant in the photographs of vastly different American landscapes. Here, we can also see a reflection of someone in the car, looking out…

Love lee.

Photographing Love

Lee Friedlander, “Oregon” Lee Friedlander has photographed his wife, Maria Friedlander, for over fifty years; he took his first photograph of her in Courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.

Lake Louise Lee Friedlander

Edward Weston was an American photographer who was working mainly in the early century, he is known as one of the most infl.