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A short film about Angie Lewin's printmaking

In this short film by Cristian Barnett, British printmaker Angie Lewin prints a copy of her linocut & wood engraved print, "Winter Spey".

Angie Lewin's "Stony Track" screenprint

Stony Track - Angie Lewin - screen print: soft green with blue and yellow, contrasted with dark ochre. and the layered look

Angie Lewin - Beachcomber wood engraving

Angie Lewin is a lino print artist, wood engraver, screen printer and painter depicting the UK's natural flora in linocut and other limited edition prints.

angie lewin

Angie Lewin - Blue Meadow linocut- Ths one uses thin but dark lines and passtell colours. It looks through contour lines and the colour is evenly spread.

Agapanthus - lithograph by Angie Lewin -

Angie Lewin - Agapanthus i love the simplicity of this print and the way the flower heads bright white stands out against the greens