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If harsh sanitzing wipes hurt your hands, you can make your own that are safe, non toxic, and work just as well. All you need is some rubbing alcohol, lemon essential oil, vinegar and paper towels to make your own disinfecting wipes. Use them to sanitize all the surfaces like cell phones, tables at restraunts, shopping cart handles and more. These all natural disinfecting wipes with essential oil won't harm or irritate your skin like store bought wipes. Use quality essential oil from doTERRA


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Using essential oils with children can be confusing. There are certain safety things one has to know in order to use appropriate oils with the appropriate age. Find out child oils are safe to use and how to use them.
Calming Lavender Playdoh is the perfect way to entertain your kids by turning play time into learning time by making homemade aromatherapy play dough! This activity is great for toddlers and the older kids too. Your kids will be calm and mellow and you'll get a mom break. The recipe uses all natural ingredients that you already have on hand and no bad chemicals so it's safe for toddlers and kids.

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doTERRA Essential Oil Business Planner, undated printable planner inserts for essential oil business, printable planner stickers
Download and Print a current 2021 doTERRA Inventory Sheet that contains all the doTERRA products, including the new Nutrition protein shakes, fiber, and greens. The doTERRA Inventory sheets have all the limited time oils + lines to write in any new ones announced this year. doTERRA Inventory tracking sheet current as of January 2021. Keep track of the quantity of each doterra essential oil that you have and what you need to buy. These sheets keep you from running out of your favorite oils.
This DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray is an effective, natural mosquito repellent that leaves out the nasty chemicals. No DEET necessary. And - this Bug spray is safe for every member of the family, including kids! No matter the activity, everyone should keep this DIY essential oil bug spray with them during their outdoor adventures. Hanging out in the backyard in the evening when the bugs come out, hiking, and camping are a few examples of times you'll want this handy. Click for the full recipe

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Neroli Essential oil is considered to be a ”rescue remedy” during periods of grief and shock. It's effective when blended with a supportive essential oil like bergamot (uplifting), and calming petitgrain. This blend can be dispersed in your environment to help calm emotions and ease feelings of anxiety. #anxietyrelief #stressrelief #griefshock
The perfect way to unwind is to mix 3 drops of bergamot with a carrier oil and added it to your favorite body wash, facial scrubs, or body oil.   Best known for bring clarity to situations of stress bergamot is the perfect oil to use in the evening when you are feeling overwhelmed from work. Unwind with bergamot #essentialoilforstress #bergamot #essentialoils
It is a fact that the scents from essential oils play a significant role in lifting and improving psychological and physical well being. Find out how. #energy #essentialoil #eucalyptusoil #orangeoil #peppermintoil #rosemaryoil

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Make your own custom signature scent with essential oils using these perfume blend recipe ideas or use the easy blending suggestions for coming up with your own perfume. Get suggestions for top notes, middle notes, and base notes, or choose from one of the 7 essential oil perfume recipes. have fun coming up with your own perfume made with essential oils and rock your awesome self!
22 Tried and Loved essential oil rollerball recipes to make over your essential oil health care routine. instant Printable PDF for your home printer or view the PDF on any electronic device as an eBook. These essential oil roller recipes are natural remedies for any health need. No specific company affiliation. Use for doTERRA, YL, Young Living. Rollerball remedies for sleep, stress, anxiety, digestion, hormones, headache, hot flashes, coughing, joint pain, scar, sunburn, cough, immune.

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Find out the best essential oils for sleep that you should incorporate into your daily night routine! Find out how to use essential oils properly!   #essentialoilsforsleep #essentialoils #nightroutine
Improve your sleep with these 4 diffuser blends - Motherly Journey

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