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Natural crystal forms of Gold

Crystallized Gold

I came across a beautiful parcel of crystallized Gold from Venezuela. It was really difficult to make a choice with so many beautiful crystals. They come from Santa Elena de Uairén, a small city (29,795 inhabitants in 2006) in the state of Bolivar, near the border with Brazil and Guyana. Gold comes in various shapes and forms, and there are several classifications of Gold forms, from dendritic, (gold that grows in tree-like branches), to leaf ( Gold that grows in thin to extremely thin…

Gold Disc with Bees, 700-600 BCE. Collection of Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University [no other information]. Note: Possibly Minoan(?)


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octahedral gold crystals

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Native Platinum crystals covered in Gold

Minerals, Crystals & Fossils

Native Platinum crystals covered in Gold

Gold crystal.

octahedral pyrite from Peru 1

This is one of the best pyrite specimens I own, and octahedral pyrite is relatively rare....

Native Gold



NATIVE PLATINUM CRYSTALS Kondyor Massif, Khabarovskiy Kray, Aldan Province, Saha Republic, Yakutia, Eastern-Siberian Region, RussiaExtremely sharp platinum group composed of cubic crystals of this rare species. The individual crystals are up to 5 mm on edge and the group measures 10 x 8 mm overall. Luster is metallic with a steel-gray appearance. These crystals are seen only on an occasional basis, due to their high intrinsic hard-currency value to the Kremlin. This rare crystal specimen…

Which crystal do you embody most?

Which Crystal Are You?

Which crystal do you embody most?

Gold bullion.

Gold bullion.

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5 Top Platinum- and Palladium-producing Countries

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IMPORTANT GOLD CHART: Every Investor In The West Needs To See

Total: 3 3 0The Western powers are in serious trouble. The once great British Anglo-American Empire, the envy of the world, now resembles more of a phony Hollywood Set backed by a mountain of worthless derivatives and debt. The only thing holding up the Western Financial Empire’s House of Cards is faith that market will...