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After looking at several feedback pages on different profiles from different countries I noticed that there is not much (if any) interaction between the host and the people reviewing their accommodation which they stayed in. The feedback pages feel as though they are more aimed at the user looking up the rooms rather than the host themselves.

City Centre of Music Amsterdam in Amsterdam

The layout of the feedback and reviews section looks easily functional to navigate through in it's simplistic design. The page has done well to adapt itself like todays social media websites (e.g. facebook, twitter). Including a profile picture of the host, a brief description of them and a comment section.

Contemporary Newly Built Cottage in Bath

The feedback/reviews include individual profiles which give a brief summary of the person or people living in the accommodation followed by a section to verify who they are to ensure safety for travellers. The feedback page is very simple. There is a list of people with a small description summarising their stay with a star rating. Feedback includes what sort of room they thought it was (e.g lovely room, bright room). The feedback looked simple and was not over complicated.

London Luxury 4 Less-4BR, 6BD-3BT in London

Airbnd is a website which allows you to either post an advertisement of an affordable temporary bedroom accommodation you have to offer, or you can go online and book an accommodation yourself as apposed to an expensive Hotel or B&B. There are people in 34,000 cities and 190 countries worldwide that offer their services this way through Airbnd.

Olympic Park, Icona Point–1BR Apt in London