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I think out of the several websites I have researched this one has been quite successful in engaging the staff and user closely. They have used a very cleaver feature that indicates whether or not a problem is being looked at and if it has been fixed. This shows the patients and web user, that to this organisation, interaction is important and they take their patients seriously.

The website is structured well and you begin to notice as you look through the website that they use specific colour pallets for the font to indicate something (e.g. green type shows a positive, red type shows a negative). The main part of the home page is split well. Half shows featured stories and the right side includes smaller additional information which is categorised.

Patient Opinion uses a pretty unique way of rating and showing feedback. The patient writes about their experience and there is always a health. advisor who will respond. There is a 'Story has a Response' tracker that indicates whether an issue is being seen to or has been dealt with using a sort of traffic like colour code. I find that this would be very useful to the patient and user. There is also an indication to show how many online staff have read your story.

Patient Opinion is a UK leading independent non-profit feedback platform for Health Services. It is there to show honest opinions between patients and Health Services.