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Below are the 12 rights of a muslim wife upon her husband in Islam. To spend upon her, to feed her. Not to be excessive in this and not to be stingy. To be kind to her. The Prophet (sallallaa.


One is never wounded by the love one gives but only by the love one expects & A man who lowers his gaze at the presence of woman, seems more handsome to her than those who stare at her.

"Paradise is the reward of a wife who pleases her husband until death." (Hadith from Ibn Majah).

Wife: Assalamu Alaikum Afzal Koi Job Mili Aapko ^ Husband: Nahi Wajiha Job nahi Mili, Mil jaati to Ramzan Eid Me Kapdo ka Intezam ho jaata, Iss bar bhi Tum Apni Maa k Yaha se Kapde le aana ^ Wife:


Photo by:Najah Out of focas bits on side could be recognisable bride and groom backs from the stage behind the chairs.