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the JAGGED edge ... FINDING the FUNNY

WHAT do YOU GET when you cross a PROFESSIONAL DRUG addict/ALCOHOLIC (retired... , A recluse, an INTROVert, a SUFFERER of severe SOCIAL anxiety, a depressed, BIPolar, BORDerline PERSONality DISorder, POst TRAUMATIC stress DISORDERED, MENTAL disabled, person ...AND... REALLY really funny... (mostly inappropriate) wtf - seriOUS WTF funny, FUNNIESt yOUtube
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t-rex band - Google Search


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BUILD THAT WALL ... feat. RUSSELL BRAND ... feat. MONTY PYTHON ... feat....

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the JAGGED edge



.... It's not THE PERSON.... it is the VICE of ADDICTION that will SQUEEZE YOU TIGHTLY INTO THE GRASPS OF HELL. . My Career as an addict was simply absurd......