Tribal Nose Ring

Unusual Tribal Nose Ring handpicked from Bhil tribal area in Rajasthan just for your Silver Collection !

Riddhi Siddhi Antique Silver Choker

One of a kind , vintage silver choker with Lord Ganesh and a unique figure of a mermaid !

Sacred Feet Rudraksh Cowrie Hansli Necklace

Unusual Crescent Moon shaped Sacred Feet symbol pendant in silver in a Statement neckpiece with rudraksh and cowrie shells.

Hamsa Hand Spiked Lapis Blue Statement Necklace

The Goldplated Hamsa Hand from Middle East with Islamic script along with Lapis Blue Howlite Spikes is sure to ward away all evil eyes ! Wear as a Statement piece and make heads turn !

Rudraksh Antique Tibetan Earrings

Antique Tibetan Style Earrings with a Rudraksh twist !

Pisces Pearl Hoop Earrings

Enamoured by Fish motif , here's another unique , handcrafted goldplated fish with Crystal eye and Pearl Loreals painstakingly filled in a hoop.

Black Onyx & Coconut Brown Crystal Eardrops

Very unique Black Onyx and Coconut Brown Swarovski Crystal Eardrops with Goldplated Tibetan Silver accents.

Lemon Yellow  Drops

Unusal Lemon Yellow Magnesite ( gemstone) Handcut Teardrop Earrings with Tibetan Silver accents ! This matt finish yellow stone in teardrop shape is truly one of a kind.