Mother Parvati and Ganesha

Parvati- the mother of Ganesha.The mother of Lord Ganesha, Parvati is also known as Gauri or Shakti.

Radha Krishna

Lord Krishna and Radha in the sublime pleasure gardens of Vrndabana, with its calm and cool atmosphere, and the blossoming flowers. (KRSNA BOOK, by BG Sharma

Krishna with Radha's feet

Krishna with Radha's feet y kaas kirshna ko hamsay bhi mohabat ho jay


June, Gurgaon Krishna’s lotus feet Last few weeks one term that I have been constantly reading is Krishna’s and Guru’s lotus feet.

Lord Brahma - The Creator Top 10 Most Powerful Hindu Gods/Lords

Lord Brahma - the creator god. Brahma created women from his own body (his four heads symbolizing the creation of women). He holds a sacrificial ladle, the four Vedas, a jar of holy water from the Ganges, and prayer beads.