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A5 Booklet / Catalogue / Brochure

Inspiration to bring out the feature colours within the areas, yet maintaining a modern, classic approach.

Soundwagon Portable Mini Record Player | Cool Shit You Can Buy - Find Cool Things To Buy

Soundwagon Portable Mini Record Player - VW Bus plays your vinyl. no turntable required.

Puzzle cookie cutter

The Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutter is perfect for both the chef and those that love puzzles. With this unique cookie cutter, baking cookies got just even more fun!

British hat pendant lights

Jeeves & Wooster Pendant Lights ~ top hat and bowler hat lights

The Solution to Keeping Your Cat Off Your Laptop. cat design table

The Solution to Keeping Your Cat Off Your Laptop.

Animal Pocket Knife by David Suhami

Animal Pocket Knife

The Animal Pocket Knife resembles a Swiss Army knife, but rather than concealing folding knives and tools, it conceals interchangeable animal parts. Animal Pocket Knife is a design concept by David Suhami.

Wooden apple shaped speaker

Tiny Wooden Apple Speaker The Motz wooden apple speaker brings the noise out of Apple gadgets and other audio gadgets. It is handcrafted from natural cut apricot wood, and

Split Wooden Vase

Split Wood Vase Creative vases from the Laminated Bamboo Lumber Project by Japanese design collective Teori

Make Your Own Stool with TheStooler by Andreu Carulla Studio Photo

Make Your Own Stool with TheStooler by Andreu Carulla

Designer Andreu Carulla has created four wooden legs device called TheStooler, where if something pulled together will turn into a minimal seat.

Bread-Shaped Coasters

These toast trivets by Brazilian artist Patricia Naves make me smile! A simple but delightful way to zest up the kitchen.

axes shelving

axe bookshelves by Yanik Balzer and Max Kuwertz of the Köln International School of Design

Fork cord controller

Fork And Cream Sauce. Picture a messy plate of spaghetti neatly twisted onto a fork placed above a layer of cream sauce right before it is ready to be eaten. The Fork creates a similar picture with any cable.