How to Set Up Hosting and Install Wordpress - A Complete Step By Step Guide - TheTechPower

In this article we'll study relating to how you can how you can set up hosting and install wordpress in the next 5 minutes.

Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess file and Setting up permalinks for better SEO in Wordpress

A Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess File and Setting up Permalinks for better SEO in Wordpress - TheTechPower

In this article we'll cover what is wordpress file and folder structure and how you can configure wp-config file.

What is Wordpress File Structure and How to Configure wp-config File - TheTechPower

Nested Loops

Nested Loops in Wordpress - TheTechPower


How Wordpress works?

Customizing the Loop with different granularities of data access In our opening post of the Loop and it’s flow of control, we specified that the primary workhorse for information determination is the get_ posts() method of the WP_Query object. Much of the time, on the off chance that you need to construct a custom loop, you’ll assemble your own particular …

How to Customize the Loop in Wordpress - TheTechPower

understanding template tags and how they work

Understanding Template Tags and how they work - TheTechPower

Exploring the Code The WordPress Core has certain files that contain several of the foremost popular WordPress functions. These functions are used for all WordPress API’s and may be employed in any custom plugin or theme. In this post we detail the WordPress Core files that contain key items of code for operating with WordPress. Functions.php The functions.php …

Exploring the WordPress Core Files - TheTechPower

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