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Shri Gauri Shankar Rudraksh by Acharya Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- The two Rudraksh joined with each other are called as Gauri Shankar Rudraksh. It is not found easily that is why is an important Rudraksh. It has all the blessings of Lord Shiva and magical powers of Goddess Paarvati. It gives all kinds of benefits to the person who wears it.


Shri Gauri Shankar Rudraksh

9 mukhi Rudraksh by Astrologer Rahul Kaushal ------------------------------------------------------- It has 9 lines on it and has all the 9 powers of nine Godesses and provides all religious powers to one who wears it. It has blessings from 9 holy places names as Pashupatinaath, Kedarnaath, Somnaath, Muktinaath, Badrinaath, Viswanaath, Jagannaath, Paarasnaath, and Vaidnaath.

9 mukhi Rudraksh

How to Wear by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- According to Padam Puraan it should be washed firstly with panchgay- (cowdung, cow urine, cow’s milk, cow’s curd, cow’s ghee) and then with panchamrit-(cow’s milk, cow’s curd, cow’s ghee, honey and sugar) and then it is ready to wear. Then praan pratishta mantra should be chanted while wearing it.

How to Wear

Ganesh Rudraksh by Acharya Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- This Ganesh Rudraksh has appearance like that of Ganesh face,that is why it is called as Ganesh Rudraksh. After wearing this one can have all the benefits and it increase the memory and boost up will power of an individual. It is very important Rudraksh and followers of Ganesh must wear this to reap all the benefits by doing puja of this Rudraksh.

Ganesh Rudraksh

14 mukhi Rudraksha by Astrologer Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- It has 14 lines on it and it is said that it has been obtained from the eye of Lord Shiva.It is called as devmani and is very effective.

14 mukhi Rudraksha

13 mukhi Rudraksh by Astrologer Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- It has 13 lines on it and is symbol of God Indra. It fulfills every desire and increases wealth too. It provides honor and gives respect in society. It provides money to childless and poor people. It is very effective and beneficial to those who wear it. It gives strength to get husband or wife of own choice


13 mukhi Rudraksh

12 mukhi Rudraksh by Pandit Rahul Kaushal ----------------------------------------------------------- It has 12 lines on it and it is symbol for God Surya. It provides directions like sun rays to the individual who wears it. It is symbol of 12 jyotilings named as Mahakaal, Raameshwaram,Somnaath, Mallika arjun, Onkaareshwar, Vaidhnaath, Bheemshankar, Naageshwar, Vishveshwar, Triyambkeshwar, Kedareshwar, and Dharumeshwar.

12 mukhi Rudraksh

11 mukhi Rudraksh by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ------------------------------------------------------ It has 11 lines on it and is valuable, effective for Lord Shiva followers. It gives strength, knowledge amd makes body strong. God Indra is also considered lord for it. It is equal to Asvamedh Yagya and giving of of 11 lakh cows. Those who struggles for everything, poor decision making, tensions in mind, always feel insulted must wear 11 mukhi Rudraksh…

11 mukhi Rudraksh

10 mukhi Rudraksh by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ------------------------------------------------------- It has 10 lines on it and is considered as symbol of God Vishnu. It is symbolized as Dashavtaar with Matsya, Krishan, Ram, Kashyap, Varah, Narsingh, Vaaman, Parshuraam, Budh and Kalik. After wearing 10 mukhi Rudraksh all these 10 Gods provides magical powers to the individual.


10 mukhi Rudraksh

What is Rudraksha and its real Story by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- Rudraksh according to holy books is another image of Lord Shiva. It is used in wearing chains and is also used as an element for different ailments. It has been said that by doing puja of this Rudraksh at home always pleases Goddess Lakshmi ji.

What is Rudraksha and its real Story