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What is Shakti ? by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- Shakti is the name given to the creative female principle which is symbolized as inverted triangle which also represents the Yoni; this inverted triangle represents the female energy known as Shakti and in Tantric meditation as kundalini.

What is Shakti ?

What is Yoni ? by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer -------------------------------------------------------- The Yoni is a female sexual organ indeed as structured has a cleat i.e. the phallus of Shiva.This is an important aspect of the female principle which the male principle does not have. Hence, the concept of the lingam-Yoni: the lingam springing up out of the Yoni.

What is Yoni ?

What is Yantra ? by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ------------------------------------------------------- This sacred Mandala and it has two aspects ‘Yan’ means to regulate and ‘Tra’ means to protect. It is a device which regulates the energy dynamics of worshipper, to protect it from decay, disintegration and death.

What is Yantra ?

What is Triangle ? by Acharya Rahul Kaushal ------------------------------------------------------ The Kama Kala is represented by a triangle: one dot above, two dots below.The top dot stands for Kama and the two dots for Ka and La or emotion and absorption which are joined by a line i.e. the fundamental base. The line which joins the top dot stands for emanation and the line which descends down to the other dot stands for withdrawal.

What is Triangle ?

What is Tantra ? by Pandit Rahul Kaushal ------------------------------------------------------- It contains the whole concept of Hinduism as tantra is an extremely important doctrine in which all the philosophical and principles are involved for the attainment of enlightment. Tantra is pre-Vedic. ‘Tan’ means to expand and ‘Tra” means to protect. It is to protect expansion of self awareness.

What is Tantra ?

What is The wheel – The chakra ? by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer --------------------------------------------------------- The wheel- the chakra is round in shape implies rolling movement, intrinsic in its shape have many potentials.It represents basically the sun, the full moon, the chakra and the lotus in Hindu religious cultural landscape.

What is The wheel – The chakra ?

Symbol For Good Luck by Astrologer Rahul Kaushal -------------------------------------------------------- In symbolic Feng Shui, there are certain dimensions which are considered to be good for bringing healthy luck whereas, certain dimensions are believed to bring Bad luck to you also. If we see in case of furniture, it also bring good luck chi to you with its lucky and unlucky dimensions.

Symbol For Good Luck

What is Swastika ? by Acharya Rahul Kaushal ---------------------------------------------------------- In Sanskrit it is Swasti. ‘Su’ means well; ‘asti’ means being. Thus it represents well- being or good fortune.Later, both in Hindu and Buddhist tradition, it became symbol of law. It also implies movement, time and life and symbolizes the progress of the sun through the heavens and also sun worship.

What is Swastika ?

What is Surya Puja ? by Acharya Rahul Kaushal --------------------------------------------------------- Surya puja is also known as Morning Prayer, a greeting to the Sun. the worshippers mostly the females prepare their offerings of flowers, grains, water and a small lighted candle on a tray.

What is Surya Puja ?

What is Surya ? by Rahul Kaushal Astrologer ----------------------------------------------------- Surya is the Sun; it is the life giving symbol and hence is the presiding divinity in the center of preservation of the universe.It is sacred and is worshipped. It is said that the real sun- the elan vital is the resident in the human heart.

What is Surya ?