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Zyan Malik

This is just my opinion but has anyone ever played Dmc (Devil may cry) and thibk thay fetus Zayn looks like Dante Sparda? Honstly he kinda does omh lol

Zayn Malik

he is perfect!

one direction! (niall horan,one direction,liam payne,harry styles,zyan malik,louis tomlison,inbetweeners,dance,cute,funny)

Inbetweeners dance, go! (gif) honestly I appreciate this dance so much more after actually watching the Inbetweeners while I was on tour in Europe :)

Zyan Malik.. Now I know his name.. Too young..

Singer Zain Javadd Malik (b. 12 JAN Bradford, West Yorkshire, England): One Direction member, the perfect genetic mix of British & Arabian (Palestinian).

Zyan Malik

Guys zayn lied to us about he wanting to be a normal 22 year old.He's now working with naughty boy n zayn's New song I won't mind is actually a pretty good song