Beyond the Gates of Antares - The Ghar Empire

In the Seventh Age of humankind the ancient Gates of Antares link or isolate worlds across countless galaxies. The evolved panhuman races wage unending war to control the tech of the Gates and the undiscovered systems beyond.
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The Command Crawler is a multi-legged vehicle designed to carry a Ghar Commander into battle. Like other Ghar machines it is a primitive affair that is powered

This force includes the Command Crawler, which packs some fearsome firepower, helps you order other units on the battlefield, and allows you

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Such is the Nature of the Ghar that even Outcasts continue to value power, still rating their status in terms of the number of other Ghar who must answer to the

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The Ghar live only to destroy lesser humans, and will not rest until they finally prevail over a universe emptied of all that verminous race.

New: Ghar Battle Squad and Assault Squad

The Ghar were forged in the forgotten depths of time with one purpose – to wage war!

The Ghar - Created in ages past as soldiers in an ancient war, the details of which are long forgotten even by the Ghar themselves.