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Monkey  D. Luffy  &  Monkey  D. Dragon. One piece OP

Dragon checking on Luffy I really want to know why Dragon left Luffy and gave him to gramps


Anime Cat GIF- I can't tell if the cat is happy or pissed off and trying to run away? Ah will never know.

1209096_574529802603523_1660676200_n.png (499×488)

I love cats and I want a cat that can be a cat, ya'know. Just a cat that be all like a cat. And then I want three more cats so then I can have four cats that say meow.

"... Is he wearing red tights? Is this man seriously wearing red tights while he proposes at me!?" - " and also stop kissing me on the bridge of my nose, which is how like how no one has ever kissed anyone ever." - Rejecting men, art style.

13 Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals In Western Art History -- "this ring is not nearly big enough to make up for your face"

Answers: 11 Murder Mystery Riddles. Can You Solve Them All?

These murder riddles would be fun with older kits on a car trip, camping trip, or anywhere. Probably best with older kids, obviously, given the subject: 11 Murder Mystery Riddles. Can You Solve Them All?