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What's Working Now
What's Working Now

What's Working Now

Start marketing your Accounting Practice and get more leads... more clients... and more fees.

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Does your firm offer remote working? Or is it something you're thinking of? Either way, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Working 9-5 at a job you love isn't always a bad thing, but even then, you can't ignore the factors outside work that affect your career.

Staff performance reviews shouldn't be something that the employee or employer dreads. They aren't supposed to dig up negativity but but forward positive steps.

Business can be fun if you make it. You have to believe in what you're doing and be passionate about your business.

In business, there will be challenges and there will be opportunities. Be ready at all times to take your accounting firm to the next level.

Listing your accounting firm in locally directories and newspapers is so obvious, but not all firms do it. Attract more clients and get the word out about your business by doing so.

Transform your boring reception area into a sales converter. Generate more sales and inquiries by doing very little.

Improve your accountancy practice by a little bit each week. Get your team involved to email clients for feedback.

Be the best boss by trusting your team. You hired them because you saw talent an an opportunity to trust in them.

If you want your accounting practice to become successful, you have to give your clients exceptional service... every single time. And answering the phone is where it starts!