'Intruder in the Forest' by Rodulfo

The Bhopal legacy The poisonous gas that escaped from the Pesticide factory in Bhopal thirty years ago immediately killed hundreds during that night. Then continued to kill and maim thousands more.

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Well its been a wee while since the last post and a very busy few months with trips to Shetland and Sutherland plus I& been working on som.

♥ Brown Hare

Thursday's Guardian Country Diary describes close encounters with hares on Chapel fell, at St. John's Chapel in Weardale.

Close up image of a brown hare in field for face shape.

The National Trust's Dyrham Park, near Bristol and Bath, is a spectacular late mansion, garden and deer park.

'Moonstruck' By Printmaker Kerry Buck. Blank Art Cards By Green Pebble. www.greenpebble.co.uk

Everywhere printmaker Kerry Buck looks, there are pictures: long-tailed tits in the brambles; a hare startled by our passing; and last year's cow parsley skeletal against