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Ottoman Empire Navy

Came in on the German side in WW I for a large part due to bad public opinion generated by Britain's seizure of two ships being built for the Ottomans.
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Yavuz Sultan Selim (ex- SMS Goeben) who helped bring the Ottoman Empire into WW I on the German side. Yavuz served until 1971 in the Turkish Navy when sold for scrap.


Battlecruiser Yavuz / Goeben

HMS Agincourt (intended Rio de Janeiro for Brazil and then Sultan Osman I for the Ottomans), also known as the Gin Palace by the Royal Navy sailors who served aboard her - Had a short life 1913 to scrap in 1924.


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HMS Erin (intended to be Reshadieh for the Ottomans), seized by order of Winston Churchill, 1st Lord of Admiralty.


HMS Erin

SMS Breslau which became the Ottoman Midilli


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