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Africa in words: powerful infographic designed by Skyler Vander Molen for Global Peace Exchange. Global Peace Exchange is a student founded and run non-profit begun at Florida State University.

CITY INCOME DONUTS  Bill Rankin, 2006 This shows the distribution of income per…

CITY INCOME DONUTS Bill Rankin, 2006 This shows the distribution of income per capita around the 25 largest cities in the US (pop. > The goal was to test the DonutHypothesis (Note: pop density, central pt for pop)

Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns for the Information Age

Density Design: Mario Porpora The Poverty Red Thread, 2008 A map of the poverty line in Italy organized according to family typologies (number of family members), and further categorized by location (the north, center, or south of Italy).

China vs. United States: A Tale of Two Economies | The Big Picture

China vs the US – a tale of two economies: INFOGRAPHIC The United States has had the world’s biggest economy for 140 years, but the International Monetary Fund now ranks China as the world’s …

Infographic: Untangling The Web Of Poverty, Obesity, And Food

Poverty rates, obesity rates, supplemental nutrition assistance and food security measurements are identified for every US state in this Cause Shift infographic. health-diet-food-and-drink-infographics

Infographic: Where Is Pensioner Poverty The Most Prevalent? | Statista

This chart shows the percentage of people aged living in relative income poverty in selected OECD countries.

Poster, "FD-6: Flocking Diplomats New York: Locations, 1998-2005", Designed…

Poster, Flocking Diplomats New York: Locations, Designed October 2008 An interesting poster that uses radial lines and icon thickness to explain geographical values as well as distance from a pivotal point.