Double Standards!

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. Ben Carson does not feel that a Muslim should hold public office or be President unless they put the Constitution ABOVE their religion. Here I've been sitting, waiting for Republicans to do the same thing. Atheist Quotes, Political Quotes, Political Views, Athiest, Ben Carson, Conservative Republican, All That Matters, Truth Hurts, Constitution
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There goes that old hypocrisy again!

Criminalize Conservatism GOP, rulers of the stupid

Just a little scary to be looking at the decline of true American values!

What IS wrong with the GOP especially when the Southern poverty stricken states are Republican? Bernie Sanders, Political Views, Political Issues, Right Wing, Left Wing, Social Justice, Wake Up, In This World
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Not expecting any truthful answer to this one!

furious about government overreach demands government ban all birth control, define marriage and promote religion Santorum Scumbag Define Marriage, My Body My Choice, Double Standards, Intersectional Feminism, Truth Hurts, Atheist, Human Rights, Make Me Happy, Equality
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One of many double-standard politicians!

"Here's why our food system is broken…" via Eat Local Grown Food System, Eating Organic, Food Safety, Organic Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Good To Know, Natural Health, Natural News, Natural Foods
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Broken system

saywhat-politics: “Dirty-Bomb Politics Vile Ann Coulter Smears a War Hero Republicans Claim Decorated Iraq Veteran Tammy Duckworth Isn’t a Real Hero Self-Proclaimed Champion of Veterans Jeb Bush,. Cause And Effect, Right Wing, Republican Party, Losing Her, Case Study, Donald Trump, Politics, Lettering, Writing
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Again ... the hypocrisy and double standards! In my opinion ... NOT ENOUGH outrage for the McCain remarks!

Our country is facing a future of double-standards! So-called Christians amongst the most guilty!

Our country is facing a future of double-standards!

This post showcase stunning black and white portraits of homeless people taken by Lee Jeffries. He started taking homeless people photos when he met a young

The worst kind of hypocrisy!

If we lie to the Government it's a felony. If the Government lies to us, it's politics? T-Shirt.It's an amazing double standard.

Seems like a rather double-standard to me!

Corporate Welfare Costs Far More Than Feeding Hungry Children - Who can afford to lose the "handout" more? Food Stamps, Political Issues, Political Memes, Environmental Issues, Timeline Photos, Social Justice, Wealth, Religion, Politics
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Umm, Jimmy Carter is as Christian as Larry Flint. Not saying Trump IS a Christian.but pick a better character to play your "Christian" next time!

NO COMPARISON! It almost sickens me to even see these two men in the same meme!

After failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick disrespected our flag and our…God Bless Tim Tebow, he never pushed his faith on anyone, yet his actions moved thousands of people, Colin? His statement angered millions of people and offended them.

Fair observation!

Bible Verses And Memes That Will Drive Conservative ‘Christians’ CRAZY Over Syrian Refugees (Image Gallery) Paris Attack, Syrian Refugees, Pro Choice, Thought Provoking, That Way, Vows, In The Heights, Bible Verses, Religion
In The Heights

So ... what else isn't new?!

Can't have it both ways! Reformed Theology, Ayn Rand, Double Standards, Political Art, Rich Man, Right Wing, Dark Ages, Weird Facts, Thought Provoking
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Can't have it both ways!

Donald Trump is the bully who calls you what he knows he is 1597 times over. He truly is Crooked Trump! "Those who cast the decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.

So, who's REALLY the "crooked one" ... hmmm?

Syria Really Needs Our Help. Just Kidding, This is Detroit. Best Funny Pictures, Funny Images, America Funny, Dark Memes, Political Satire, Just Kidding, Detroit, Mount Rushmore, Michigan

We need to be looking inward as well! I fully believe we should and can help alleviate suffering around the world, but not to the neglect of our own!