Green Hotel

Kandalama Hotel Exterior Designed by Sri Lanka's best-known architect, Geoffrey Bawa, the Kandalama hotel was built as an environmental hotel. The jungle outside is free to climb the walls of the hotel, and in the rooms the life of the jungle is litera

Geoffrey Bawa's Colombo home at 33rd Lane.

Geoffrey Bawa's Colombo home at Lane. This inspired me to have some sort of nature in my design as it gives a felling of calmness

Bagatelle Road, Sri Lanka.Home of the late Geoffrey Bawa. Architect: Geoffrey Bawa.

Bagatelle Road, Sri Lanka,Home of the Late Geoffrey Bawa, Architect: Geoffrey Bawa Stretched Canvas Print

Nonis Copy Drawing of the 33rd Lane Residence, 1985, Geoffrey Bawa

Gallery of Remembering Bawa - 27

Image 27 of 58 from gallery of Remembering Bawa. Nonis Copy Drawing of the Lane Residence, Image

Remembering Geoffrey Bawa / Ena de Silva House - Copy drawing by Vernon Nonis, 1985

Remembering Bawa

Father of all tropical architecture - Geoffrey Bawa- Colombo - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's most renowned architect, Geoffrey Bawa, was a forefather of what has come to be known as tropical modernism, developing his inno.

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His former office, 2, Alfred  House Road, Colombo 00300 now Paradise Road Gallery Cafe

kureator: “Geoffrey Bawa’s formal office, now the Gallery Cafe, Colombo (via horvath bence) ”

Geoffrey Bawa's Tropical Modernism, Sri Lanka - Lunuganga

I'm in love with Geoffrey Bawa!

I love the idea of a midcentury house with a pond atrium!!  WEBSTA @ bookofinteriors - #fineinteriors #interiors #interiordesign…

Image 4 of 21 from gallery of Loma House & Iván Andrés Quizhpe. Photograph by Sebastián Crespo