aalap kulkarni
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Wet Sponge Relay Race - One minute party game to wet the sponge and collect the water. A good fun game that can be played on any event and specially on Holi as this festival is all about water, colors and balloons.

Rainbow Beads - A fun & interesting kids party game where they have to put maximum beads in a thread but the twist is that they have to be in rainbow color order.

Pop The Balloons On Back - A fun birthday party game in which participants has to blow off maximum balloons and pop them against wall in one minute.

Lets Draw On Balloon - One minute party game in which each participant needs to draw maximum figures on balloon with a ball point pen in minimum time.

Binoculars Race - A fun birthday party game in which each kid has to look through the wrong side of binoculars and walk along a straight line for maximum time.

Stack The Blocks - A one minute party game for kids where they have to stack the wooden blocks on their head. Birthday party game.

Roman Numbers – A fun one minute party game where players have to create roman numbers with matchsticks in one minute.

Button The Hole – An interesting one minute party game in which blindfolded participants have to put maximum buttons through holes in the shoebox in one minute.