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an empty room with white tile floors and walls, decorated with decorative wall hangings
an empty room with white chairs and wooden tables in the center, on hard wood flooring
Leibal — Missy Lui
the salon is clean and ready to be used as a place for people to relax
Salon Shade — Lauren Bradshaw Design
a woman is holding a cup with her feet on the ground next to some shoes
Toronto Nail Salon - TIPS Nail Bar on the West Side
4 QR code Business Sign personalized Custom Nail Hair Salon Lash Brow Suite
a long table with green chairs in front of large windows and potted plants hanging from the ceiling
Маникюрный салон
the interior of a modern beauty salon with white walls and stone columns, arched windows, and a plant in a pot
a white reception table with two vases on it and a plant in the middle
Sage + Sound, New York City designed by Ronen Lev | Ronen Lev
a room filled with white couches and wooden tables next to hanging light fixtures on the ceiling