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8 InDesign Tips And Tricks For Faster Work #Infographic
Digital illustration - neon smoke (en.florin)

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Painting, watercolour painting, gouache painting Bulb, Art, Art Day, Art Challenge, Art Journal, Daily Art, Inktober, Challenge, Lettering
Bulb — PEACHTOBER23 | Day 20
a green poster with the words one day at a time surrounded by crayons and pencils
Moss — PEACHTOBER23 | Day 30
a drawing of a cat laying on top of books with the words snooze club next to it
Snooze — PEACHTOBER23 | Day 18
a drawing of a bear riding a bike with an arrow on the handlebars
cass urquhart
three cartoon fruits and vegetables wearing party hats, one holding a balloon while the other is carrying a present
Illustration — Hannah Tolson
a drawing of a monkey wearing glasses next to cactus
cut paper illustrations
some art work is being displayed on a wall with paint and paper supplies around it
a drawing of a green tractor with pictures on it's back and buildings in the background
Artist of the Day: Nolan Pelletier