Swing Collage, paper cut  This miniature is all within a toilet paper roll. His site has tons of these little masterpieces.

Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias creatively transforms toilet paper into amazing piece of art. She creates miniature worlds inside recycled toilet paper rolls. From zoo to soccer games to beauty parlors she has depicted many sweet […]

DIY Plastic Bottle Piggy DIY Projects

DIY Piggy Bank From Plastic Bottle diy craft crafts easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts fun crafts kids crafts how to tutorial crafts for kids

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DIY Wood Flower Planters Cut the branches of wood about 1 inch thick and glue onto ceramic planter. Fill with any plant of you liking.

Planters out of old floppy Best Out of e Waste Ideas

Techno trash's future doesn't always have to turn into e-waste; creative DIY project idea for a floppy disk planter.

Basket out of pop bottles

Weave Plastic Baskets with with PET recycled "ribbon" from soda bottles.

who knew you could do so much with a plastic spoon!  weeblyinfo4: Best out of waste - Plastic Spoon mirror

These 14 DIY Plastic Spoon Recycling Ideas are simple and easy to do. Save your old plastic spoons and use these DIY craft ideas to breathe Life Into Old Spoons.