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a pink book sitting on top of a bed next to lipstick and eyeliners
What My Mother and I Don't Talk About
What My Mother and I Don't Talk About: Fifteen Writers Break the Silence
three books about breast and eggs are laying on the floor next to eachother
Mieko Kawakami
book aesthetic, coquette aesthetic, mieko kawakami, breasts and eggs, heaven, all the lovers in the night, book recommendations, japanese literature, book cover
two books sitting on top of a table next to each other, one is titled how to kill your family
a person holding up a children's book
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a book that says, who was i before i read this? and it's on
a person holding up a pink book with the title to the man i loved too much
"A breathtaking book for anyone who has ever been in love or experienced heartbreak"
some books that are sitting on top of a tiled floor with oranges and words above them
book recs based on how they will make you feel
while I am aware that books can elicit different emotions in different people, I have done my best. *pats herself on the back for an hypothetical job well done* 🧡 and, if you’re a mood reader just like me, this may come in handy! have you read any of these? (all these doodles were found on Pinterest. I simply doodled on top to better fit the mood I was going for. credit goes to the original doodler for the base images.)
four books are laying on a bed with the caption'the mood i want a book less than 300 pages long '
a pink book sitting on top of a bed
You made a Fool of Death with your Beauty
there are many different books on this page, including one with the title pov your parents pick through their daughter's daughter
Books Thought Daughter
Books, thought daughter, slyvia, a secret history, dark academia, book recs
there are many different books on the bed with white sheets in front of each other
there are three books on the bed together
“I’ll eat when I’m dead” book
“I’ll eat when I’m dead” book
a magazine cover with different types of books on the front and back covers, including women's magazines
summer reading guide ☀️ the worst season of all (for me) is upon us (or almost)! not gonna lie, summer is when i read the least amount of physical books and binge on audiobooks instead. it’s not because i’m out and about—quite the opposite. i avoid the outside world like the plague because it’s just too damn hot to even hold a book. 🫠 here are a few books i think we should dive into this summer, and please let me know any good books you think i should read or that you’re excited about 💛
there are many books on the bed together
All's well - Mona Awad