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parvati lakshmi saraswati

Sarva ~ Shakti, meaning the all- power, it is the flower of wealth via prosperity-sara-la-kali mean /s Kali is not pertaining to dark or darkness but means flower- bud.

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krishnaart: “✨ RADHA KRISHNA ✨ Artist: V.Sagar “I bow down to the feet of Lord Krishna, whose jewelled anklets tinkle and whose footprints decorate the paths of Vraja.

Lord Krishna and Radha                                                       …

✨ RADHA KRISHNA ✨ Artist: V.Sagar Sukadeva Goswami said: “One who constantly hears and chants the holy name of the Lord and hears and chants about His activities can very easily attain the platform of pure devotional service, which can cleanse the.