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Amo essas idéias para o Dia dos Pais!!
an image of a man with a hat and laurel around his neck in front of a building
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two black and white photos with the same caption in different frames, one has a man holding a camera
several pictures of people with speech bubbles attached to them, hanging on a wall in front of a door
an award ribbon with a drawing of a man on it and the name of his team
there is a red heart on the wall
an image of a man with many legos in front of him on the wall
a red and white sign with pictures on it
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Accessories, Enamel Pins, Mini, Electronic Products
an image of a man in black and white on a wall with many pictures around it
a blue and red sign with white birds on it's side in front of a gold frame
a bulletin board with some pictures on it
ATATÜRK kosesi
a drawing of a map with many places to go in the country and some words written on it
Hayat Bilgisi.....HAZNEDAR
a clock with many faces on it in front of a sign that says bizde zaman hep ataturu'u gosterir
an image of people holding flags and balloons
a paper heart with hearts on it and the words love is in the middle, surrounded by
AKTİF ANNE ile keyifli zamanlar...
AKTİF ANNE ile keyifli zamanlar...: Belirli Gün ve Haftalar
some paper cutouts are being used to make handprints for mother's day crafts
anneler günü için değişik kart örneklerimiz ANNELER GÜNÜ ETKİNLİKLERİ
anneler günü için değişik kart örneklerimiz - OKUL ÖNCESİ ETKİNLİKLERİ - Hayallerinizi Sınırlamayın
a paper heart with two hands on top of it, attached to a wooden stick
Anneler Günü Süper Sanat Etkinlikleri -
okul oncesi Anneler Günü Süper Sanat Etkinlikleri, okul oncesi etkinlik, okul oncesi sanat etkinlikleri, etkinlik ornekleri
an image of a man holding a star in the shape of a heart with flowers around it
an image of the sun and clouds in black and white on a plate with water droplets
an orange clock with many pictures on it
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a black and white drawing of a man in a suit with stars on the background
Okul Öncesi ve İlkokul Etkinlikleri
#çanakkalegeçilmez boyama #18martçanakkalezaferi #boyamasayfası #ÇANAKKALE ZAFERİ VİDEO>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUMRgSgBoqs&list=PLNk610qK_SExmvENmdAeASeioK883a3mX
two posters are hanging on the wall in front of a wood floored room with wooden floors
an outline map of the country of france
Google Search
29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı Türkiye Haritası Kalıbı
an open book with children's drawings on the pages and words in different languages
the sun and moon are shown in this diagram
Earth and Space: Earths Rotation and Revolution (Seasons) Foldables from A Class Act on TeachersNotebook.com (7 pages)
Earth and Space: Earths Rotation and Revolution (Seasons) Foldables |
the instructions for how to use water cycle
Start A Fire
Free printable Water Cycle Wheel ~ for Brownies doing the WOW! Wonders of Water program
a bird house made out of cardboard with polka dots and circles on the outside, hanging from a tree branch
bricolage enfant - idee bricolage enfant - fimo
Pour éviter d’entendre le sempiternelle « Papa, Maman, j’sais pas quoi faire », pendant ces prochaines vacances, nous vous proposons 3 idées
a cartoon traffic light with eyes and hands
the four sections of a tree with leaves and flowers on it, all arranged in a circle
Kleurplaat Mandala kleurplaten (5289)
Kleurplaat Mandala kleurplaten (5289) | boom verschillende jaargetijden
four different types of paper cut outs with trees on them and words written in the middle
Mevsimler örnek
a colorful clock hanging from the side of a wall with numbers and times on it
a wreath with the shape of pakistan in it and flowers around it, all outlined in black ink
23 nisan mandalaları - Sayfa 2
the weather wheel with an arrow pointing to it
évszak twister
a woman holding two flags and balloons in front of a flag with other people behind her
a child wearing a paper crown with planets on it
Solar System Hat Activity for Kindergarten
Students create a starry backdrop and then glue on the planets to create their hat in this solar system activity for kindergarten.
gota Drawing For Kids
a person holding up some little toothpicks made to look like they are smiling
Lembrancinha para projeto água
Planos de aula para educação Infantil, atividades, projetos de educação infantil, músicas, histórias, lembrancinhas com sucata e muito mais!
a coloring page with christmas pictures on it
four blue paper cutouts with eyes and noses on them, sitting next to each other
the solar system is shown in blue and white
Order the planets view
Order the Planets – Solar system worksheets for kids
a poster with the words zaman carikim written in different languages on it
Zaman çarkı
a pink paper plate with yellow stickers on it and some words written in the middle
Water Cycle
*WEATHER BL - Idea: Water Cycle Wheel-However I'd copy it on white paper and let the student color it.
a white plate with an image of a bird on the water and mountains in the background
Water Cycle Wheel Science Kit (Makes 25 Projects)
water cycle
the solar system worksheet for kids to learn how to draw planets and their names
Science Worksheets for Kids
Solar System Worksheets - either write the names in or have some word cards for children to match up
a child's drawing of a water drop with the words life cycle on it
The Water Cycle, as drawn in a droplet of water, by Esther, 10 years old, Artist Of The Day on 04/10/2013 • Art My Kid Made #kidart
the hydrologic cycle worksheet for kids and adults to learn how to use it
Weather Science
De kringloop van het water
a bulletin board with water cycle on it
Water cycle bulletin board- student teaching 101
an origami clock made to look like a weather map on a red background
Water Cycle Foldable
Water Cycle Foldable