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a poster with an image of a man in a suit and tie, surrounded by small children
23 nisan
a poster with children holding up letters that spell out the word's name and numbers
a black board with red and white decorations on it that says cumuririsettimiz 95 yasinda
29 ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı panosu
a black and white drawing of a man's face in the center of a circle
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there is a sign that says yacumunte sinoy on the wall in this classroom
29ekim cumhuriyet bayramı
some type of font that has been drawn in different colors and sizes, with the words written
there is a metal decoration on the wall in the room that has been decorated with flags
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29 ekim panosu #okulöncesietkinlik, #okulöncesisanatetkinlikleri, #boyamasayfaları, #preschoolactivity, #preschoolartactivities, #paintingpages, #activitypool , #madamteacher, #preschool, #artcraft, #craft, #anasınıfı, #anaokul, #okulöncesi #children #activities
there is a large cake decorated to look like a wreath with the image of a woman's face on it
10 kasım
the letters are made up of different colors and shapes, with dots all over them
23 Nisan ulusal egemenlik ve Çocuk bayramı
a crescent with a star on it
Cumhuriyet Bayramı ve Atatürk Şablonları
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a bulletin board is decorated with red maple leaves and photos of children's faces
Çocukla Çocuk Olun
29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı yaklaşıyor. Cumhuriyet Bayramı, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin resmen kurulduğu gündür. Ulu Önder Atatürk, diğer bayra...
a bulletin board with red and white paper decorations on it, including an origami fan