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Blushington Halloween Makeup; Curtis Kulig at Scion AV

This photo uses shadows to add contrast. The shadows also give the illusion that the woman's eyelashes, lips, and no are larger than what they really are. I think the photographer wanted the viewers to feel empowered by beauty and to be larger than life.

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Free portrait lighting guide: 24 essential studio lighting set-ups

If you’re looking to learn more about how to light portraits then you might find this Portrait Lighting Setup poster to be helpful. It contains 24 different portrait lighting setups using a variety …

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Light it up! Check out these 5 basic studio lighting techniques in our latest Infographic.

A very interesting and somewhat new concept of portrait photography that shows the model holding up a frame, only to reveal the back of their face. It gives off a strong anonymous identity that makes you want to be able to physically walk around and see their face.

Jenya Vyguzov - The Power of Collage

The pattern of the face and the hands really stands out. The image makes you feel like the person can almost smell the flowers that are in the pattern.