healthy salmon burger

Superhealthy salmon burgers

Superhealthy salmon burgers - If you're after something a bit lighter than potato-packed fishcakes, try these simple oriental-style burgers for your FODMAP diet


Perfect pancakes

chicken curry

Delicious And Easy Kid's Chicken Curry Recipe

Kids Fruity Chicken Curry Simple to make, but with a delicious mild, fruity curry chicken flavour. If you like you could add some baby swetcorn. Its great served with poppadums and fluffy white rice.

shepherds pie

The ultimate makeover: Shepherd's pie

lentil pasta

Lentil and vegetable pasta in a tomato sauce

KIDS TOP CHOICE RECIPE: Choose wholegrain rotini (commonly known as spiral pasta) for this hearty dish. The lentils, tomatoes and yoghurt add the vitamins, minerals, fibre and texture, whilst the rest of the ingredients provide the awesome taste.