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Textile art by Carol Walker. A very good example of the wonderful 3D effect one can get in textiles.

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Corset par Fiori Couture. I love the use of different nautical things like the fishnet. And of course the seashells. This could be a nice semi-alternative to just wearing a simple shell bra. While still being sexy, it's less revealing and I'd feel more comfortable than basically walking around in a bra.

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Fabric Manipulation - vest with sculptural textures representing waves & ripples; 3D textiles; creative fashion design detail // Desiree Laidler

P A I S L E Y .: Textiles Final Piece Shoot

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Faustine Steinmetz SS15

Faustine Steinmetz SS15. You know someone has talent when they are able to make shredded denim pants look like fur. Brava, Faustine. Brava!

Faustine Steinmetz SS15

Art Escapes: Embroideries

Melt - full view, shadowed P1430353

Embroidery of waves in the ocean with excess thread acting as extra water. Awesome!

Now That's Art - 28 Pics

3D Textiles, Bubble Textures - fabric manipulation using the shibori technique to create dimensional surface detail : Gallery