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Paolo Pellegrin. USA. NYC. September 2004

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Paolo Pellegrin. CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh, 1998.Nhan, 25 year old, Vietnamese former prostitute.

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Paolo Pellegrin. SYRIA. Iraqi refugees in Syria. Azma. Damascus. 2008

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Paolo Pellegrin. CHINA. Hong Kong. 2010

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Paolo Pellegrin. ROMANIA. Bucharest. 1996

Paolo Pellegrin. Tokyo, Japan. Feb. 2010

Paolo Pellegrin. LEBANON. Tyre. July, 2006. Civilians arrive in Tyre after fleeing their villages in southern Lebanon

Paolo Pellegrin. USA. New Orleans, Louisiana. December 2005. The funeral of a young fireman killed while working to clean up destruction in post Katrina New Orleans.

Paolo Pellegrin. ITALY. Rome. Vatican City. April 2005

Paolo Pellegrin. LIBERIA. Monrovia. Hotel Ducor, once a five star establishment, today it houses 2,500 IDPs (Internally Displaced Person). Whilst most Liberains have returned home since the end of the war there are still many to be housed. 2006