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branches of facial nerve

Branches of facial nerve: Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, Mandibular, Cervical (Ten Zebras Bought My Car or To Zanzibar By Motor Car)

The Aorta and Its Parts  The aorta ascends toward the right from the left ventricle. Then it curves posteriorly and to the left. It continues downward posterior to the heart and just anterior to the vertebral column, through the diaphragm, and into the abdomen. The aorta is one continuous artery, but it may be divided into sections.

Anatomy/Physiology Chart: Aorta and aortic branches, liver, kidneys, stomach, and a few other organs that serve as anatomical accessories in this illustration.

Left Sided Heart Failure #respiratory #rt #rcp

Left Sided HF Focused Assessment of the patient: The nurse looks for evidence of worsening of the heart failure: including increasing dyspnea, tachypnea,.

endocrine disorders

Endocrine Disorder Cheat Sheet -wish pcos was up there but it has alot ofvsymptoms as thyroid disorder

Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) These slides are very educational and HYSTERICAL. Love them. Very Creative


Great resource for understanding possible causes in an unresponsive patient. Good resource or nursing students.