hummingbird - <-- I think you mean "song"bird, because that's not a hummingbird. Though, this would be cute as a hummingbird


( How do you describe a birds song without a recording? This bird tattoo does a good pretrial of a birds song. In Sonnet 73 the bird is singing among the bare trees.

22K Gold Stone Necklace with South Sea Pearls, Gold Necklace with Pearls. South Sea Pearl Necklace Designs.

22K Gold Stone Necklace with Pearls

Shikhara Traditional Temple Jhumka

Product Details Base Material - carat pure silver with gold plated earrings, kemp stones Length - 6 cm Breadth - cm Color - Golden, pink Gender - Feminine Available in Silver & Gold.

Be the friend?) I sit on the edge of the train tracks, swinging my legs with a sigh. A few tears stream down my face. My boyfriend just broke up with me." I hear a voice, and I turn to look. It's my best friend, and he looks worried.