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Funny text

If you get mad, I'll tighten the lids on all the jars so you come to me. this is probably the cutest thing I have ever read in my life.

goals omgmskansmd

goals next boyfriend

Love quote

Love quote

"That moment when something shocking happens in a book and you feel like you can't read fast enough..."

And you start skipping over words in an effort to read faster; trying to keep yourself from skipping ahead and spoiling it, but failing and glancing ahead anyways

Please contact me immediately!!

I feel like this is a sea of fangirls and all the fanboys have drowned. If you're a fanboy and haven't drowned yet, comment! :-)<--- I have a friend who is a fan boy

how we roll in the shire

This is perfect. Girls don't like boys. Girls like fanfiction, food, and middle aged men. That's how we roll in the shire.

we all have

I hate myself every time for falling and not being able to get back up. LIFE ALERT WHERE YOU <------hahahahaha what the heck<<< you have no life! Life alert can not help you.

Hello peeta mellark I'm Mrs mellark your wife

Me: "I'm going to finish this book tonight." Friend: "It's like 300 pages, are you crazy?" Me: *Thank goodness for that because if I wasn't, this'd probably never work.


most of me likes them and the other part of me turns into gollum from lord of the rings and tries to protect my precious book

My mom believes me when I say it, and I do!

don't underestimate our fandom in October. Can't wait for Blood of Olympus. ------>SO TRUE!