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an iphone screen showing the pricing for two different items, including $ 10 and $ 25
an image of a table with numbers and times for each week's work break
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a table with numbers and prices for different types of items in each section, including the price
$10,000 in 26 Weeks Savings Plan
an info sheet with the words millionaire written in pink and black on top of it
Millionaire Habits we all need to copy
a table that shows the cost of each homeowner's house in $ 10, 000
How to Stop Spending Money: 5 Tips to Help You Save More - The Laurellie
a spiral bound notebook with graphs and numbers on the pages that are labeled sinking fund's
Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner for Budgeting
a table that shows the cost of savings for 2020 and how much money will be spent on it
Fifteen 52 Week Money Saving Challenges (something for every budget!)
a table with numbers and times for different homes in the united states, as well as prices
Save Money For A House
the $ 10, 000 in only 5 weeks is on sale for $ 2, 500
Save $10,000 in 52 Weeks! » Just Melissa Jane
a sign showing the cost of savings for $ 250, 000 to $ 300, 000
the $ 500 in 6 months reward card is displayed on a glittery tablecloth
Cauliflower Shawarma Wraps with Green Tahini and Feta.
a table that has numbers on it and the price is $ 10, 000 in five weeks