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a hand holding an orange ball in front of a black background with the words, i am
Relevant Sanskrit Shlokas with Meaning in Hindi & English
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Mahadev Quotes
Ps, Lord Shiva, God Shiva
a man standing in front of a large statue with his hands up to the face
Adiyogi Shiva Statue in Coimbatore - At a Height of 112 Feet
a statue of a man sitting on top of a lion's head with its mouth open
हर हर महादेव🙏 @KattarHindu10 🕉️बम बम बोले🕉️ #mahakal🙏🔱🙏 #mahadevhar #mahakalkebhakt #mahakal
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Mahadev Har . .- follow me @bhole.k.diwanee :- produce - @bhole.k.diwanee :-... #Mahadev #Har #follow #bholekdiwanee #produce #bholekdiwanee - News at Ur Home
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Bohochic Magazine
there is a statue in the foreground with mountains in the background
Hindu Cosmos: Photo
there is a statue on top of the mountain
Shiva Statue, Dalhousie