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In her delicate crafted porcelain sculptures conceptual artist Kate McDowell expresses her interpretation of the clash between the natural world and the modern-day environmental impact of industrialized society. The resulting works can be equal parts amusing and disturbing as the anatomical forms of humans and animals become inexplicably intertwined in her delicate porcelain forms.

Artist Research into Frida Kahlo, it has FACTS and OPINION on the artist's work, printed images of the artist's work and an accurate PASTICHE. And the page itself is a home for the artist, the colours and designs show some undertsanding of the artist's work.

Amazing Body Art Inspired by Nature

Fine art body painter Johannes Stötter blends his subjects into their surroundings by skillfully applying paint to their skin. He uses the human form as his canvas to both camouflage into their environments and mimic forms found in nature. The illusionary subjects in Stötter's growing collection of creations range from fruits and vegetables to trees, rocks, and wildlife.

Research into Andy Goldsworthy, it has facts and opinion of the artist's work, and images of his work, a background that reflect the style of the artist. The PASTICHE was on teh next page.