Élisabeth Couloigner Take a book art workshop at Cullowhee Mountain ARTS in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains this summer. www.cullowheemountainarts.org

Absolutely inspiring sketchbook of Amanda Hoskin, remarkable landscape artist (http://www.amandahoskin.co.uk/) Several great photos of her work and tools by Andrew Montgomery

caterina giglio, march pages, La Dolce Vita

What do you do with your scraps? Here's another approach to a travelogue: Let your scrapbook contain a few pages of literal scraps. Cut and crop photos, then fashion an intriguing mosaic of images that have the fragmentary quality of memory.

from oliverjeffers.com . . . For 36 weeks in 04, myself and three other artists sent a sketchbook back and forth across the Atlantic between us, each artist responding to the spread that proceeded them. When it was finished, book had travelled over 60,000 miles

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